June newsletter

June 2016

Newsletter 2
Liz photo Brum     We are continuing to have fun organising what we know is going to be a great Uncon. The website is updated regularly, so check back often!

Our ‘early bird’ rate

When we set our ticket price, the committee decided on an ‘early bird’ rate. This was advertised on the Registration page of the website, but nowhere else. It is entirely my (katisha50) fault, for which I apologise.

The advertised price has now been changed, and the date extended. The ‘early bird’ price is £25 and this will stand until 31st July. From 1st August, the price will be £30.

This is a great incentive to book your ticket NOW! Time passes so quickly and tickets are going fast.


The website

Information about Birmingham continues to be uploaded. If you are planning to stay here for a few days before or after the Uncon, there is plenty to do and see.

Very shortly, there will be Children’s Page added for our younger attendees.


TBR competition? NSS?

If you haven’t already sent your TBR photo to Heaven-Ali, now is the time to do it. Half a dozen books from your TBR which represent your reading tastes, with a couple of sentences about you. We shall have fun on the Friday night guessing whose is which!

And, if you haven’t yet, do sign up for the NSS. All our names on the attendee list are links to our BC bookshelves. This is particularly for the NSS, but people may like to look at wishlists to see whether they have a book that someone else wants.


Sunday activities

We are hoping to have several things going on during Sunday morning, so people have a choice as to what they would like to do.

We are considering a public book table somewhere in the city, where releases can be made direct to passersby, and we won’t be accused of littering. The Conservative party conference will be held in the city shortly after the Uncon; security will be tight and we would not recommend wild releasing outside. Many of the independent coffee shops have bookshelves, and the website has details of our OBCZs.



We shall very shortly start selling T-shirts and tote bags with our logo – Brummycumber riding the bull, see below! Watch out for further details of sales.


katisha50 (Gill)

Heaven-Ali (Ali)

shnedwards (Sian)

wyldetwo (Jen)