July newsletter

July 2016

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Your Uncon committee continues to sample the delights of Birmingham indie coffee shops as we hold our planning meetings in various city venues.


Our ‘early bird’ rate

Remember that the ‘early bird’ rate of £25 per ticket ends on 31st July. From 1st August, the price for the weekend will be £30.

This is a great incentive to book your ticket NOW before all the places are filled! Partners and friends are very welcome, too.



The big news is that T-shirts and tote bags are now available to order from the Shop. We do not have samples of the children’s or unisex T-shirts to photograph, but we are confident that you know what a T-shirt looks like! The company we are using is called Printigo, and this link is to the T-shirt page of their website. There is also a Garments Provided page here, which shows you the (unbranded) T-shirts.

In the Shop drop-down menu, there is a Merchandise Information page which contains these links. There is also a copy of the order form that we have been given which contains samples Brummycumberof the colours and details of sizes.

NB: this is NOT the order form that you have to fill in; it’s for information only. You order by clicking on the relevant item(s) in the Shop.


TBR competition? NSS? Bookrays?

If you haven’t already sent your TBR photo to Heaven-Ali, now is the time to do it. Half a dozen books from your TBR which represent your reading tastes, with a couple of sentences about you. We shall have fun on the Friday night guessing whose is which!

And, if you haven’t yet, do sign up for the NSS. All our names on the attendee list are links to our BC bookshelves. This is particularly for the NSS, but people often like to look at wishlists to see whether they have a book that someone else wants. There will be a table where all these RABCKs will be gathered together.

Details of the bookrays are in the Events drop-down menu on the website. Send a PM to Heaven-ali NOW to let her know which one(s) you would like to read.


Sunday activities

We are firming up ideas for Sunday morning activities. These will be announced beforehand, and you will have the chance to sign up for your preference on the Saturday. We will try to timetable them so that you could do more than one

If there is anything that you particularly fancy doing – let us know! For example, if some of you would like to have a group Sunday lunch, we can arrange that. If you want to organise your own group, let us know and we will publicise it for you.


Please note that the Conservative party conference will be held in the city shortly after the Uncon; security will be tight and we would not recommend wild releasing outside. Many of the independent coffee shops have bookshelves, and the website has details of our OBCZs. Although not (yet) an OBCZ, the Edwardian Tea Rooms in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has a lot of bookshelves around the walls.


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Heaven-Ali (Ali)

shnedwards (Sian)

wyldetwo (Jen)