August newsletter

5th August 2016
Newsletter 4

The Uncon is getting closer!


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Time to order your T-shirts and tote bags.
Visit the Shop on the website:

Weekend ticket
The price for the weekend is now £30 – still a great bargain! Don’t forget that partners and friends are very welcome, too.

This week, those of you who have signed up will be given the name of your partner for the Not-So-Secret exchange.
If you haven’t said you want to join yet, there is still time. Send me (katisha50) a PM, or add NSS participation to your basket from the Shop.
And if you are participating, do make sure your wishlists are up-to-date, which will help your partner.

Crossing zone
If you’re starting to label up books for release at the Uncon, a crossing zone has been created for your use. It is ‘UK Unconvention 2016 – Birmingham’.

TBR competition? Bookrays?
If you haven’t already sent your TBR photo to Heaven-ali, now is the time to do it. Half a dozen books from your TBR which represent your reading tastes, with a couple of sentences about you. We shall have fun on the Friday night guessing whose is which!
Details of the bookrays are in the Events drop-down menu on the website. Send a PM to Heaven-ali NOW to let her know which one(s) you would like to read while there is still time.

Saturday evening meals
Details of the 4 restaurants we have chosen are on the website, under the ‘Events’ drop-down menu. Sign-up will be on the Saturday morning, so decide on your order of preference now.

Sunday activities
We now have several Sunday morning activities organised. Details are on the website, again under the ‘Events’ drop-down menu. You will have the chance to sign up for your preference on the Saturday of the Uncon.

Strathallan parking
We were at the hotel this afternoon, and I was concerned to see new parking meters and lots of these signs:  IMG_3461[1]
I’ve added a detailed page about this to the ‘Venue’ drop-down menu which confirms that parking at the Strathallan is still FREE for delegates, visitors and guests, i.e. YOU. It’s there in the small print, but I was worried for a moment that we would have to tell you that the parking was not free after all.

I know we keep banging on about this but…
Please note that the Conservative party conference will be held in the city shortly after the Uncon; security will be tight and we would not recommend wild releasing outside. Many of the independent coffee shops have bookshelves, and the website has details of our OBCZs. Although not (yet) an OBCZ, the Edwardian Tea Rooms in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has a lot of bookshelves around the walls.

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Heaven-Ali (Ali)
shnedwards (Sian)
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