April newsletter

April 2016

Newsletter 1

Well, the committee are now on a roll with organising the Uncon. Here are three of us, deep in discussion:



This is the first of our (hopefully) monthly newsletters which will summarise all the latest Uncon information.


A quick tour round the website!

Back in Brum! has various drop-down menus with all the latest Uncon information. You enter the site at the ‘Home’ page; general information about BookCrossing is contained within this menu.

The ‘Venue’ gives details of the Strathallan, with the drop-down describing how rooms can be booked at an advantageous price.

‘Events’ contains details of things that have so far been arranged for you. The Schedule is there! Sunday activities will be added as they are confirmed. It is the weekend before the Conservative party conference in Birmingham, so the city centre will be well into security preparations. We therefore think that the traditional mass wild release is probably not going to be a good idea in the centre of Birmingham.  So we are looking for any ideas you might have, to add to our own.

Bios and other details of our authors and publisher are under ‘Speakers’.

The ‘Birmingham’ page will be populated with details of things to do and see in the city. The drop-down contains sections on ‘Eating Options’ and ‘Accommodation’ which give you our recommendations for eateries and hotels (if you don’t want to stay at our venue). Restaurants arranged for the Saturday night meal will not appear here.

The ‘Attendees’ page will be updated as people register, with links to each person’s BC page. Some people like to look at attendees’ wishlists in case they have books that others want. There will be a table at the venue for these RABCKs (Random Acts of BookCrossing Kindness).


Uncon 2017

It would be good to have presentations at the Uncon from towns/cities who wish to bid to host the 2017 Uncon. We can then vote, and the planning will start all over again! There have already been two expressions of interest. Come on Wales, Northern Ireland and North East England – I’m sure the Uncon has never been in your areas.

Get in touch via the Contact details on this website, or by replying to the thread on the Forum here.

UPDATE: we have one bid in the pipeline! It would be great to have at least one more so we can have a vote!


We hope it won’t be too long before we can unveil our Brummycumber logo, complete with iconic Bull. Following closely behind will be our Uncon merchandise. Watch this space!


katisha50 (Gill)

Heaven-Ali (Ali)

shnedwards (Sian)

wyldetwo (Jen)