Parking at the Strathallan

We were at the hotel recently, and I was concerned to see new parking meters and lots of signs talking about parking charges

IMG_3462[1]    IMG_3460[1]           Do not panic!! I can confirm that parking at the Strathallan is still FREE for delegates, visitors and guests, i.e. YOU. It’s there in the small print, but I was worried for a moment that we would have to tell you that the parking was not free after all.

When you have parked (either in the open-air car park to the right of the hotel, or the multi-storey car park to the left) go to the Reception desk where you will find screens that look like this:


Tap either ‘Visitor’ or ‘Hotel Guest’ and you will be prompted for your car registration number. Then it asks how long you will be staying.  Bingo!