Committee Members

The committee is made up of a group of individual BookCrossers who volunteer their time to arranging and organising the Uncon event. Whilst each has an official role, everyone pulls together in order to make the Uncon as much of a success as possible.

Katisha50Katisha50 is the Chair, the “project manager” of the whole event. The Chair’s task is to oversee the other Committee members and be the primary official and liaison with the community; if a message needs to go out, chances are the Chair is the sender. Gill introduces herself as follows:

I have been a Bookcrosser for 10 years, but always forget my BC anniversary! I have attended every Unconvention (and the two Conventions held in the UK) since then. These have all given me plenty of ideas for our 2016 Uncon.  I am very happy that we will be welcoming you to Birmingham again. The city has changed a lot since you were last here.

The enthusiastic local team have already started to organise the event; please come back here often to see our updates. P.S. Announcing the latest addition to our team – Brummycumber!

jen barrowwyldetwo is the Treasurer, and in charge of merchandising.  Without someone to keep a tight rein on the purse strings, the budget for the event could wildly spill over, and if the income from tickets doesn’t cover the outlays, then someone, somewhere has lost out. The Treasurer checks registration payments come in and ensures costs are kept to a minimum.

Jen has been a member of BookCrossing since 2005 and is an occasional runner, knitter, and member of the Birmingham BookCrossing group since joining BookCrossing.



shnedwards is General Assistant and Helper-Outer. She is in charge of procurement for the raffle and the goody bags and arranges other, non-author, activities.

Sian joined BookCrossing in 2005 and went to her first Unconvention in 2011. She moved to Birmingham five years ago and can just about find her way around now. Her TBR pile is enormous but she’s OK with it.


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we’re on twitter @bcuncon2016

We will be seeking volunteers to help us out before and during the event, so please shout up where possible!