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This is our banner (which should have been with you ages ago, sorry). I have tried to produce the code to allow you to insert this into your profile. However, I clearly don’t have the skills to do this, and no time at the moment to learn them! I hope to be seeing people this afternoon or evening who will be able to help, so watch for an update. If I have no joy, I shall be asking for your help!


Sunday at the Strathallan

If you are leaving the Strathallan on Sunday, you need to check out by 11 am. Reception will store your luggage for you until you go, which could be after one of the Sunday walks or after the meetup at 3Threes.

You can also leave your car in their car park until you are ready to go. Remember to update the length of parking time you need at Reception.IMG_3458[1]


To those who tweet, please do so during the Uncon to let everyone know what is happening, using the hashtag #bookcrossing. Our Twitter username is @bcuncon2016 and the main BC Twitter username is @BookCrossing

If you like our authors, do give them some publicity.

Looking forward to seeing all the tweets!


Very excited to see that people are starting to release books to the Unconvention! It’s starting to feel very real now.

T-shirts and tote bags!

Thank you to those of you who notified us of a problem in ordering some of our merchandise. This has been fixed, and all items are now available from the shop.

Uncon author bookrays

Heaven-Ali is organising  bookrays for some of the books written by our Uncon authors:

Beatrice by Fiona Joseph –—/13826078/

Comforts for the Troops – Fiona Joseph—/13826061/

Tom-all-alones – Lynn Shepherd—/13826052/

Murder at Mansfield Park – Lynn Shepherd—/13826036/

Lucia on Holiday – Guy Fraser Sampson—/13826014/

Park Life – Katharine D’Souza—/13826007/

Deeds not Words – Katharine D’Souza—/13826000/

Ali is ready to start sending books out – would be lovely if a few people could have read each book by the time the authors speak at the Uncon.

To join the bookrays, send a PM to Heaven-Ali or email her at bookcrossing underscore ali at yahoo dot com

Local Author Reception – 23/02/2016 – Birmingham

Tuesday 23rd February 2016 6:30pm – 8pm Grand Central Birmingham Literary Event, Free Event


As part of our [Foyles Bookshop] quest to unite great writers with passionate readers, we are hosting our first ever Local Author Reception. Birmingham is home to some local author receptionfantastic literary talent and we have carefully selected four great local authors who cover a range of genres from Literary Non-Fiction to Poetry to Crime Fiction. We are delighted to welcome Luke Kennard, Fiona Joseph, Catherine O’Flynn and Mick Scully.

More information about the authors and this event can be found here:

Venue: Foyles, Grand Central Birmingham, B2 4BF

Tickets: Free. To reserve, simply email

This event is programmed in partnership with Writing West Midlands

Please note, no physical tickets will be issued, the email confirmation you receive is proof of your booking.

(Please note, this is NOT a Bookcrossing event and is only here to provide followers with events of potential interest)

Ticket Pricing

I’ve been a little slow in getting this survey up, I apologise. We are all mindful of the commitments (including financial) that come with attending an Uncon and each year we do our best to get the best value for money. One of the biggest overheads when running an Uncon is the venue and whilst there are lots of fabulous venues around Birmingham, none of them are free.

Therefore below is a survey to determine how much you are able/willing to pay to attend the Uncon (this does not cover hotel, main meals or travel costs, sorry). Cut off date currently 19th December 2015.

Create your own user feedback survey

Merchandise query

We could really do with understanding what merchandise you’d like to buy as part of the unconvention.

Therefore, we have set up a survey to determine what you are interested in.  It can be found here:

Create your own user feedback survey

please note: this does not constitute an  order process, it is simply to find out what you are interested in….

Announcing UK 2016 Uncon Dates

wall of booksWe, the committee, are pleased to announce that the dates for the 2016 UK Unconvention are (drumroll please): Friday 23rd September 2016 to lunchtime Sunday 25th September 2016 in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

We are currently working on securing a venue, and we will need your help in choosing said location (more of which later). Meanwhile, please pencil us in for that weekend and venue/ticket matters will be given in due course…