Book swap game

Well known to many Bookcrossers (although some of us are not so familiar with the rules!), at least one of these games will be run by weebly on Saturday afternoon. To participate, all you need is one registered wrapped book. If you forget to do this, there will be plenty of books on the book buffet that you can use, and one of the committee can provide something to wrap it in.

These games are always great fun. Do join in!

Uncon NSS again!

Thank you for all the messages about the NSS. All have been actioned and/or noted with gratitude.

Could I ask you all to look at your wishlists and update them, please? It does help your partner to choose something for you more easily – and something that you really want. One person already has a book on her partner’s wishlist, and is delighted about it!

Thank you!

Uncon NSS

By now you should have received details of the person you are buying for, via a PM on the BC site. If you have not received this, please contact me.

There is still time for you to change your mind and join in!! Just let me know.


Saturday evening meal

A page is now available (under the Events drop-down) with links to each of the 4 restaurants that we have chosen; all come committee-recommended. Do have a look. Sign-in sheets will be available on the Saturday.

Sunday activities

The links on this page (under the Events drop-down) are now working! Apologies that they were not going to the correct place. To ensure equality of opportunity, there will be sign-up sheets on the Saturday for you to indicate your choice.

Uncon author bookrays

Heaven-Ali is organising  bookrays for some of the books written by our Uncon authors:

Beatrice by Fiona Joseph –—/13826078/

Comforts for the Troops – Fiona Joseph—/13826061/

Tom-all-alones – Lynn Shepherd—/13826052/

Murder at Mansfield Park – Lynn Shepherd—/13826036/

Lucia on Holiday – Guy Fraser Sampson—/13826014/

Park Life – Katharine D’Souza—/13826007/

Deeds not Words – Katharine D’Souza—/13826000/

Ali is ready to start sending books out – would be lovely if a few people could have read each book by the time the authors speak at the Uncon.

To join the bookrays, send a PM to Heaven-Ali or email her at bookcrossing underscore ali at yahoo dot com

Uncon TBR Competition

Announcing the Uncon TBR competition.

The TBR competition is one I am very excited about. The idea will be to match a list of Bookcrossers attending the Uncon next September with their TBRs. It’s very simple, all you need to do is to email me (Heaven-Ali) a picture of between 6-8 books from your TBR (my email address is: bookcrossing underscore ali at yahoo dot com) – which you think represent a range of your reading tastes – feel free to throw in one to confuse as long as it is from your TBR. Arrange the books in a stack with the spines facing your camera ensuring the spines are clearly visible. Send the pictures to me with your BC name and real name, and a short one or two line bio.

Something like this:

I’m a 40 something bookcrosser of more than 10 years. Devon lover, tea drinker, theatre fan, a bit of a green leftie

(Spoiler – this is not my entry ?)

ali hope tbr example


Announcing UK 2016 Uncon Dates

wall of booksWe, the committee, are pleased to announce that the dates for the 2016 UK Unconvention are (drumroll please): Friday 23rd September 2016 to lunchtime Sunday 25th September 2016 in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

We are currently working on securing a venue, and we will need your help in choosing said location (more of which later). Meanwhile, please pencil us in for that weekend and venue/ticket matters will be given in due course…

Hello world!

Advance notice that the 2016 UK Unconvention will be held in Birmingham (UK). This will be at the end of September 2016; exact date will depend on the Tory party conference dates (it’s also in Birmingham).

We already have a list of exciting activities planned for attendees. It’s still early days, so the website (i.e. here!) is under construction

In the meantime, offers of raffle prizes and items for goody bags should be made to shnedwards (Sian). Any other offers of help to katisha50 (Gill).