Books by Lynn Shepherd

Lynn has written novels inspired by great works of literature. Tom-All-Alone’s is an homage to Bleak House – Heaven-Ali says:

“Tom-All-Alone’s, however, is in no way a re-telling of Bleak House –it is a good, old-fashioned, well-written murder mystery – the story of ‘Tom-All-Alone’s’ runs parallel to the story of Bleak House – and also to that of Wilkie Collins’ ‘Woman in White’ – and readers who have never read Dickens’s great novel can enjoy it as that. Those who have read ‘Bleak House’ and know Dickens’ and Collins’ work, however, will enjoy spotting the parallels and little references that make this novel such an excellent homage to the great man 200 years after his birth.
“This is a massively readable page turner – I read it in great gulps and could hardly put it down. I think those who love historical murder mysteries and those who like their Dickens will each enjoy this novel – but those readers who like both of those things will be doubly delighted.” (Full review)

Her novels Murder at Mansfield Park, A Treacherous Likeness and The Pierced Heart are also reviewed by Heaven-Ali.