Books by Katherine D’Souza

Katharine D’Souza’s novel Park Life is set in the Kings Heath area of Birmingham. It’s a lovely book which recreates the area very faithfully; the people at the Tall Trees Café become those you want to sit down with yourself.

From Heaven-Ali’s review:

“I liked these characters so much that I can imagine hearing more of them in the future (although I know the author has no plans for a sequel so far). Sometimes Birmingham is not very good at shouting about what a great city this is – it is a great city! So I love the fact that this novel celebrates South Birmingham in a realistic and positive way. I am sure many readers will enjoy this novel – no matter where they live – but dwellers of South Birmingham will love spending time behind the hallowed gates of Moseley Park, strolling through Cannon Hill, bussing it along the Moseley Road and taking tea in a (fictional) café in Kings Heath.” (full review)

Katharine’s novel Deeds not Words sees a woman return to her home city of Birmingham. While searching through papers at her sick grandmother’s house, she comes across details of a great aunt who had become involved in the women’s suffrage campaign one hundred years earlier.

From Heaven-Ali’s review:

“I found this to be a thoroughly absorbing and engaging novel – I loved the sections in the museum and art gallery – and rather fancied a job as a curator myself.

“Katharine D’Souza’s characters are really well drawn; Caroline’s rather nightmarish mother and quiet capable father are wonderful contrasts to one another, while Caroline herself is a recognisably modern career woman who sometimes doubts herself. The relationships between these family members under pressure are very realistic, poignantly showing how delicately balanced such relationships can be and how easily hurt when difficulties arise.” (Full review) and Lyzzybee reviewed it here.